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Bolaq is a Hazaragi word meaning spring from which pure, clean and unadulterated water comes out. As an Institution, Bolaq is a nonprofit, independent organization that works for Justice, Peace and equality in an unbiased, clear and impartial manner. 

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US Withdrawal from Afghanistan and its Aftermath

US Withdrawal from Afghanistan and its Aftermath

Recently, the US daily, the Wall Street Journal published an article titled, “Afghanistan Braces for Worst as US Troops Withdrawal Accelerates.” The paper talks about the situation in the country and then highlights a local...

Article One

Article One

US-led State-building in Afghanistan and Survival of the Warlords Sajjad Aasim Sajjad Aasim is a PhD scholar in International Relations. His areas of interest include International Interventions, Identity Politics and Politics of South and Central Asia. He can be...





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